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Manager (Former Employee) says

"They continually fire their Account Executives and Co-Ordinators.You will never make money if you have no sales then you have no commission. Your pay will not cover the cost of living! The floor people will make more money than you do!. All this company does is support online sales . You cant even get newer products with Gratis. Its terrible. Cons: They support everything online or selling Origins in other Companies."

Key Holder/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst store and job I've ever worked at. Management a joke. Zero work life balance. Negative stressful work environment. Unhealthy because of stress. Work any other retail job. Walk away do not work here. Cons: Schedule, Management, zero work life balance"

Skin Care Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I loved working at the store I did because of the people who I worked with but the management was very poor. The employees were not taken care of well and that led to many people leaving the job."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

". Lots of turn over Cons: the environment would not be allowed in most corp settings"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"wasn't a great time to work for them, was hired on only to find out the store was closing 2 months later. Stressing over that fact that I will not have a job really made my decision on how I felt about the company."

Midwest Regional Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My immediate supervisor wanted me to take on more responsibilities which I wanted to do, however, didn't want to compensate me. When I needed more hours, I was approved for them but never completely compensated."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Scheduling was a disaster. Would change schedule on a days notice with no notification. Online inventory does not work correctly. Never wasn’t provided PPE. Only time I had some was when a co worker grabbed gloves from his other job to bring in. Cons: Management does not care schedule changes made without telling you even the day before a shift"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Low pay and inflexibility in schedules typically you get paid by retailers and your schedules are made without any considerations. You will have a less bitter time of your line ambassador is nice but not always."

Assitant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy this job. I was not well compensated for the work I did and I felt there were a lot of inside politics going on. The upper management was poor and I did not feel I had much opportunity for advancement. Cons: Low paying, poor management"

Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"I was a part time employee, I had a set schedule each week. I was a keyholder, and I only closed the store each night. My favorite part of the job was learning about each product and interacting with the customers."

Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"I will not work for them again. Bad upper management. No recognition of your hard work. You are constantly working OT. No communication with corporate about the store stragedy. Cons: bad management"

PT Key holder (Former Employee) says

"most days were slow ..worked alone quite a bit. at times it was competitive. Lots of education. Need better management. Very stressful reaching goals. Cons: management"

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't say this company had great integrity. I did like my job, but the workplace was a bit toxic. I felt very rushed, and found my coworkers petty. I am a team player and like to work with a team that works together fairly and kindly."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I didn’t enjoy working here."

Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Basically all of these companies are continuing a trend of cutbacks, because there is really no reason to keep stores open, beside the opportunity to create a showroom experience. This pressure can be felt on both sides, as management is condensed and left with more and more responsibility and sales pressure, and salespeople are constantly bombarded with a stream of useless new "sales tactics" in order to maintain the illusion of newness and innovation to customers. Cons: Girls Club"

Skin Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great products"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed selling the origins skin care products. It was nice to be able to build relationships with the customers. Cons: The pay could have been better."

sales associate, key holder (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is standing on the floor about 4-9 hours a day, selling to, giving facials to, or calling clients. Cons: long hours, competitive environment"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Origins Cosmetics is part of the Estee Lauder Companies. I was a Store Manager. Our store exceeded company trend 4 years in a row with steady increases in performance from 6-11%. Being responsible for all aspects of the business was rewarding yet challenging at times. The company had an excellent product that I loved representing. The part I enjoyed most was helping people feel better about themselves and the beauty choices they made. Educating customers about the products features and benefits are a must. The more they know about what they will experience, the more they will be comfortable with the products they selected, build trust with you and return to you for future needs. Cons: Lack of Corporate support and training;"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"While it was good, it was great. Stores produced, workers were pretty care free and still doing a good job, and the benefits, especially tuition reimbursement and retirement growth account, were pretty nice. When it was bad, it was torture. They fired a bunch of corporate people, down to district managers, brought in new people, and proceeded to squeeze the pulp out of the workers. They reorganized and put people in positions that they didn't want, and it showed. Cons: poor pay for lower level employees, no flexibility during holiday, management is often changing, department stores favored"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Origins full-time for more than a year Cons: Senior Management, especially VP shows no integrity and no leadership. Senior management will look for any scapegoat to point the blame. Equality and fair treatment is not heard of within the Origins North America Team"

Current Employee - Guide says

"I have been working at Origins part-time for less than a year Cons: Extremely poor management, no organization"


"I worked at Origins Cons: No support from upper management"

Former Employee - Esthetician says

"I worked at Origins full-time for more than a year Cons: The pros look amazing at first glance however hear about some of the cons. I still suffer from ptsd and flashbacks from my manager verbally assaulting me and everyone on staff. At least one person cried everyday. I've never experienced such a cruel management situation. She would threaten that if we called to tip off HR she would hear about it. It was unbelievable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Origins full-time Cons: Corporate has been a directionless ship for years. Everyone is running around like headless chickens trying to shove out poor quality work or work that’s okay only because they have blatantly copied other companies. Mediocre/poor quality work by mediocre people. Exclusive cliques, childish behavior from upper management which leaks into company culture, old/slow equipment and work processes. They’re trying to catch up to the rest of the industry, but they never will because the talent, ideas, and competence are not there. False promises from recruitment and hiring managers just to get you through the door. Even HR messed up many things. Any talks about growth opportunities are lies and managers are dismissive and absent. 

They have problems keeping products in stock online and in stores. Employees who stay enjoy being part of a bad internal culture. There is NO reason to consider working here - NO salary, NO title, NO bonus, NO brand will be overworked, undervalued, and underpaid."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Origins full-time Cons: Terrible upper management. Very unprofessional staff who are mostly students that don’t really care for customer service. Terrible training also lack of technology computer system is very old. Must count all money and coins by hand. Has not gone paperless so reports and receipts/coupons are everywhere. Bad work/life balance."

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I worked at Origins full-time for more than a year Cons: time card manipulation amongst other unethical work practices."

Current Employee - Cosmetics Counter Manager says

"I have been working at Origins full-time for less than a year Cons: no support or backup about the products. new products are introduced with no product information.slow influx of products."

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been working at Origins full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The last 2 years have been miserable, and it keeps spiraling downhill. I'm holding on hoping for change but am at my breaking point. Employees are being given almost impossible sales goals they are required to achieve and the pressure for results is at an all time high. Managers are encouraged to coach out employees (many talented, hard-working, and often long-term employees) who are not making goals if they miss their plan 2 months in a row. The truth is business across the board is suffering largely due to the fact that upper management does not know what they are doing. I have seen many executives come and go over the years, but this is the first time there are people running it that really make their employees feel like just a number. There's a lot of other issues as well as a major outage in stock of the brands top selling products. How are we supposed to make these outrageous goals without products to sell? It's also laughable that we are getting sent brand new product launches without getting trained on the products first. There is a big lack of communication with constant changes and initiatives. They are making everyone jump through hoops and it's getting ridiculous and embarrassing."

Current Employee - Counter Manager says

"I have been working at Origins full-time Cons: No sales, cheap uniforms, no individuality, no makeup artist, Bunch of little bimbos running around selling just to make a sale, no clue as to what customer concerns are because its all about image to Origins.cant be competitive with other counters,no makeup. Products dont work.No perks for employees.Lowest paying counter, hardest working employees.They promote online sales.Disgusted by them."

ZX says

"Ordered 4 items from the Origins’ website for my wife’s birthday. Order went through ok and received the order about a week later. All good. Opened the box and only 1 of the 4 items was in the box. Phoned up the helpline and the person, albeit polite, was absolutely no help. She said ‘yeh sometimes the website and the stock levels don’t match up!’, and I should have received an email. That was the only explanation! Checked my email and nothing...... She said I would get refunded within 14 days! 14 days? I used PayPal! Are they sending me a check? If money can go out immediately, why can’t it come back immediately? Anyway, I received the money back in my account, but it was only for 1 of the items. Money for 2 other items which they didn’t deliver (she said they were out of stock) hasn’t been refunded. Luckily I checked! So, I went to call them at 17:30 on a Monday. Their helpline is closed, with a message saying their helpline closed at 18:00? It was 17:30. So, I need to call them during the working day but before 17:30, when I should be working! Just Terrible!!! On a more positive note, I ordered the missing item, that my wife really wanted from Next and it arrived the next day! Conclusion - be more like Next and less like Origins....sheesh!"

sanewcomb says

"I have been using Origins for more than 20 years. I love their products. I hate their online store and customer service. Do not order from them directly. My last 3 orders directly from Origins has been worse than bad. The last order placed on 12/22/2020 still has not arrived. I just checked again, and UPS said they received an empty box to ship to me, and contacted Origins. Did I hear from them? No. It is 1/17/2021. I love their products but do not order from them directly. They have the worst customer service!!!!"

Miss Walker says

"Shockingly bad. I ordered item on 24th Dec. It still not appeared rang up it's out of stock and it's mid January. They have kept my money all this time. Asked for refund told will take 5 days. Don't use incompetent. They should have refunded me when out if stock. They said they would refund me spoke 15th Jan. Now 28th having to pursue via PayPal. Seriously bad customer service. I am annoyed. Another phone call refund still not processed. Said will process today"

FCO says

"I ordered 3 products on 21/12, got a message saying order was being packed, my account was debited and suddenly now I get a message saying 2 of the products are not in stock, so I’ve received only 1 product. Customer service is too busy to respond. Why would you debit my card if you’re not sending the goods? This is unbelievably poor service from what touts itself as a reputable company. Silly of me to try and support the business, when it would have been simple enough for me to walk to Boots and pick them up! I’m still waiting for a response from Origins - based on all the latest comments on here, this seems to be a scam!"

Kat says

"So I ordered 2 gift sets on 27.12.20 in the Boxing Day sale from the origins website. Unfortunately, I did not come here first to check the awful reviews of the online version of the Origins company - all of which, I’m afraid to say, are not exaggerated. The quality of the website should have been a red flag in the beginning - it is shoddy, unprofessional and not very mobile friendly. Anyway, I selected the £22 Mattifying Marvels set and the £46 plantscription set - coming to a total of £68 which was immediately taken from my PayPal account. This is the second red flag, as the amount ordinarily gets debited once the goods have been dispatched. I received an email 2 days later stating ‘we are packing your order’. Both box sets together with the 8 samples I ordered seemed correct and present in the order form. Another email on 4.01.21 stating ‘we are dispatching your order’ - again - everything on the order form in the email looks to be right. I receive the package yesterday (6.01.21) with only one gift set and 5 out of the 8 sample items I requested. I call the customer service and get through after 30 mins wait. The CS rep, Ashley, apologies saying “sorry but the mattifying box set is out of stock and you weren’t notified. I’ll process your refund for £22 now”. Since the original payment was made by PayPal, it should have been instantaneous. I am still waiting for that refund. Fortunately, PayPal has a buyer protection scheme were you can complain if goods have not been delivered. This is the route I have had to go down but it could be 3 weeks before I receive my refund. I can only conclude, given the similar accounts of others, that this website is basically scamming people by not delivering goods and holding onto the money as long as possible. A real shame for the Origins brand (which is good) and totally shocking given the quality of the product. I would strongly advise against using this website - shop for the products in store, where possible!"

Uma Chilukuri says

"I had been a loyal customer since 2017. I go to a store in South Lake, Texas. This year due to Covid, the store was closed for some time and I avoided going to store n had been working from home. With all this I could not order products online too. There had been so much going on with Covid, that everything else took a second place. The points I had accumulated for the last 3 years was close to 20,000 points. I tried to log into my account today and order some products online. I was told my points expired on November 29, 2020. I tried to explain to the customer service rep and to her supervisor. They had been extremely rude n blatantly refused to even listen to me. The attitude they gave is like if you want, you can purchase them otherwise free to go. I understand they have some policy of points expiration but I was not aware of the policy. I signed up in the store. They only talked about points accumulate and can order some thing big when I have more points and every dollar I spend in the store, I will be rewarded with loyalty points etc. Never once, I was told about piints will expire, if there is no continuity in purchasing. I want to question Origins team, if some one has decent points, and had been a loyal customer, is it not the duty of customer service to send a reminder email about points expiring. Anyhow, online store has the most horrible Customer Service team. I am not sure whether any one else has the same experience. I will never recommend this site to any one."

Antisa B says

"The worst customer service i have ever encountered. They are not answering for WEEKS, and when they do they are not helpful at all. They lost my order weeks ago and still have not issued a refund. Nobody’s answering calls and e-mails. I am planning to sue the company at the end of the week"

kim says

"Do not buy anything from here! I canceled my order immediately after I bought it, but they still sent the products and charged me for it. On top of that, when the products arrived they were unsealed. I contacted customer service through chat three times to try to return it, but they took a very long time to respond and they dragged it on for almost two hours during the last chat I had. This is the most stressful experience I've had trying to return a product and would not recommend this store to anyone."

Ilona Laboviciute says

"Really disappointed in my latest experience with origins. I have been using their products for years but their customer service for the online store is just shocking. I placed an order on on 27th Nov but they still haven´t sent the order out, I have emailed the customer service team twice with no response and then called twice, each time waiting 50mins! First time I hung up, and the second waited it out till a customer service representitive told me, please have some patience and wait. I have been waiting for 3 weeks and naturally the order is for Christmas, another week and I don´t need it, but apparently no message can be sent to the warehouse to rush it or any real apology offered, just a "we have a lot of orders". I understand it´s a busy time and I am happy to wait a few weeks, but 3 weeks and "hopefully it will be there in the next two" is not acceptable answer from a company like Origins/Estee Lauder , it´s not exactly a small business struggling with supply chains and I am out of pocket for a month without the products. Clearly not a trustworthy place to shop online."

Mary says

"Unacceptable customer service, I requested to cancel my online order via online chat. (Since no one pick up phone and no one reply email) . I chatted with three online agents. First two agents confirmed with me the order canceled successfully. The third agent confirmed with me that the two orders already canceled and no further action required. Even told me to discard the shippment emails, But i saw origin charged me two payments already. So I chatted with the fourth agent who told me the orders didnt cancel and they will arrive shortly, and ask me to return them in the post office for refund. This is unacceptable. I have been told that they are canceled so i made another purchase. And now they are all coming to my house."

Lauren Tussey says

"Terrible customer service. I've been a customer for years and I can't believe they are all of a sudden letting their customers down like this. First I ordered on Blackfriday, which took forever. I kept getting time out issues, etc. Finally when I did get my order through, it arrived without the black Friday free Gift that was supposed to come with the amount I paid for. I've tried emailing, chat, and phone. Each channel tells me to do something different. ON the phone its send an email, I send an email, it tells me to go on chat, I go to chat, no one is there. I want my free gift or I will do a chargeback. I only ordered what I ordered to get it."

Tiny says

"I ordered with origins a €56.00 worth product 19th november 2020 I never got the product, only the samples. I tried the 0800 number, but it does not work; the connection is broken every time. They don't respond to my mails. Never order anything; it is a very bad service. I want my money back."

Laura Bailey says

"I ordered 4 items, and one item is missing. I have now spent hours trying to get a response from customer services. I waiting for 20 minutes for an online chat, which never happened. 35 minutes on hold on the phone 2 days ago, thank had to give up. No response to my email sent 3 days ago. After waiting for 40 minutes today, I’m told the missing item is now out of stock. This is not good enough Origins. Please sort your customer service out. I will not order online from you again."

Adelle says

"I have previously bought many products from Origins & have been pleased with the products. I recently purchased the Origins Ginzing & I have never been so disappointed with a product. Once applied it dries in large flakes on your skin.I would not recommend this product."

Jody says

"I used to buy from online a lot, and the service was great. Fast shipping. However, things started to turn bad since COVID-19. My order a full size mask and received a sample instead. I called and I was told there will be a confirmation email, but I never got that. The package never came. I called couple more times and spent a month to get my mask. I ordered again recently with my birthday coupon. The coupon doesn’t work at all, and I used the live chat. The representative was so unprofessional. She told me the coupon was added to the cart and I saw nothing and still at full price. She said she saw that on her screen and kept trying to end the chat. Finally she offered to refund if I order at full price and give the order number to her. I did. Of course, the refund never came. I have been contacting them for 2 weeks. I still not getting any refund and the answer remained the same. It is terrible customer service."

Kat says

"Lousy website. Lousy customer service. At the time of my order, I was told I would receive it by Monday, June 29, 2020. Since I didn't receive it, I searched the website for tracking information, which is nonexistent. Then I attempted to use the chat option, which doesn't work. So I texted and they replied they can't help me and directed me to the nonexistent chat. So I was forced to call and hold for an unreasonable amount of time and was then met with a rude representative, telling me I won't get my order until "tomorrow" and blamed the delay on COVID, which is ridiculous. I will NEVER again order from Origins online. UPDATE: I ended up getting my order 4 days late."

Barbara Green says

"I have been an Orgins customer for 30 years. I love their products hate their customer service. The last few orders I have placed they have said they couldn't process my card. Today the same thing happened. I gave them another card and the same thing. I shop on line frequently and do not have this problem with anyone else. They had me call my bank and when I called them back the call got dropped. (I was on hold for 30 minutes each time trying to get a rep to answer). The bank said they never got a request. II spent about 2 hours this morning trying to get an order. I have decided that I will look for another skin care line as Orgins appears to not care for its customers."

Dor says

"The amount of packaging they use for shipping their products is ridiculous, for a company focused on creating a line of healthcare products."

Hanna V. says

"The website is super slow. Love the products anyways xx"

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